Amazing Secrets of Astrology Numerology Predictions

Using astrology numerology procedures, you can figure out the hidden meanings from the amounts on your life, and exploit this ability to ascertain the most appropriate course of action you can take this season. Astrology numerology has been utilized since ancient times as a true Method of forecasting the future. It supposes that everything in the world is composed of energy, an idea that physicists and scientists have lately begun to agree with. Our bodies, the components and the world around us both organic and Man-made are composed of vibrating energy particles, some packaged together more densely than other people to give the appearance of solidity.

We are all connected through this energy force and it has a strong influence upon every part of our lives. Amounts have their own unique vibration. Your name and arrival date Number’s mix are unique to you and those have a particular influence upon your personality and life. The methods of astrology numerology predictions are a means to decode these numbers so we can get a better understanding of ourselves. We can examine the unique energy of the calendar year as it relates to Our arrival date amounts to get an idea about what sort of energy will be widespread over the next twelve weeks. We can then tap into this energy to our advantage. This is called finding your Personal Year Number.

Your Personal Year Number in astrology numerology is only your day or Birth, the month of birth and the present calendar year added together to get a single digit figure. By way of instance if you were born on 12th May, you would add 1 + 2 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 1 + for 11, which added together gives a Personal Year Number of two. This tells us that for this individual this season will be a period of Alliance and of being sensitive to the needs of others. This individual may realize that there will be a good deal of waiting and delays, so it’s not a favourable year to start new projects or make enormous changes. It will be a time of stability and compromise, but there will be a feeling of peacefulness that is soothing in itself.