New Directions for Removable USB Mass Storage

Recent developments in USB mass storage are remarkable. The technology is powerful and handy butexecutives are losing sleep not knowing how much property stolen or are lost through mass storage on the scale. With the appropriate controls in place, the USB mass storage protocol could be tapped for security applications that were valuable. The development and Adoption of removable USB mass storage is remarkable. Never before has it been so easy to maneuver gigabytes of data about. These pocket size devices are called a jump drive, thumb drive, flash drive, USB drive or USB flash drive. These devices have capacities that are large and data can be copied by them. It is tough to get a USB flash drive nowadays with less than 128MB of storage and a number of devices can reach data rates greater than 20MB per second. The technology is powerful and handy that we wonder how we could have lived without it. It is unthinkable to use floppy disks that now we will need to carry.


USB mass storage Devices are evolving and we are beginning to see new features and behaviors which were never imagined when the USB mass storage specification was written. That in the event that you lose your device, the data on it stays safe By way of example, many infinitikloud devices now offer storage that is encrypted. Some flash drives have chips and fingerprint sensors built in so that authentication of the owner is required prior to the storage can be retrieved. These are examples of some safety extensions to the functionality of storage. The onboard capacities of strong cryptography and authentication that we see on some of the more innovative devices are the prime ingredients for a new direction in the growth of USB mass storage. That direction is Portable Security Devices that provide secure storage and identity management.

After all identity devices exist in other form factors like smart cards and yes, USB key fobs. These could be integrated into the same physical package with ease to generate a joint identity apparatus. The solution is that the benefits we gain go past the ease of having a multi-functional apparatus and are attributable to using the USB mass storage protocol itself. The USB mass storage itself has several properties. It is ubiquitous. Virtually every PC and operating system in use now supports it natively and there are no device drivers or software to install so as to use a USB flash drive. This is exactly what makes them interchangeable and mobile. It does not matter which manufacturer or vendor of USB memory stick you have got, provided that the specification it will work is implemented by the system.